Procedure of Allotment

BIADA shall upload the list of allotable plots available for allotment to prospective investors, on its website. The list of allotable plots shall be updated on the last working day of every month. The prospective investors shall submit their online application for land allotment on the BIADA website. Last day of the month will be considered as cut-off date for allotment in the next month. Only online applications will be considered for the purpose of land allotment.

Such plots where only 1 (one) application is received for allotment then the allotment shall be examined in terms of eligibility criteria and parameters as laid down under BIADA Land Allotment Policy 2022.

Where two or more applications are received for same plot then such decision for allotment shall be taken on the basis of lottery for plots upto 20,000 sq.ft. and by auction system for plots above 20,000 sq.ft. In this regard, offset price may be considered taking into consideration prevailing land lease rate and the highest bidder may be allotted the land on stipulated terms and conditions.

If in auction system, the price of both the bidders are same then the decision will be taken by the lottery system.

State Government or Industries Department may direct for allotment of land for specific projects.

Documents required for Online Application:

Below mentioned documents shall be required for submitting online application for the purpose of allotment of land:

A. Micro & Small Units: Preliminary project report (PPR)- Annexure I: Post six months of Land allotment Micro & Small Units would have to submit DPR as well.

B. Medium & Large Units: Detailed Project Report (DPR) – Annexure II

C. Other Documents:

  1. Self-declaration, if the investor is Proprietor.
  2. Partnership Deed with Registration proof or notarized Affidavit, if the applicant is a Partnership firm/LLP.
  3. Certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies, if the applicant is a Pvt. Ltd. / Public Ltd. /LLP company or other legal entity, under the Companies Act.
  4. Self-declaration if the applicant is Promoter of the proposed Pvt. Ltd./Public Ltd./LLP Co. or other legal entity, under the Companies Act.
  5. Registration Certificate from the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, if the applicant is Co-operative Society.
  6. Authorization letter in case of Company/Partnership firm etc.
  7. Details of utilization of area of plot asked for in online application and Block Plan of the proposed construction, phase-wise development plan of project etc.
  8. 3 years financial certificate/balance sheet (if applicable)
  9. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  10. Layout Plan
  11. Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Photograph of Directors/Proprietors/Partners as applicable
  12. Conditional assurance letter by the Bank/financial institutions for project financing and Approval letter within 6 months.

Processing fee shall be non-refundable & non-adjustable and shall be chargeable as under:

S. No. Areas in acres Processing Fees (in INR)
1. Upto 1 acres 5,000
2. More than 1 acre to less than 5 acres 10,000
3. More than 5 acres to less than 10 acres 25,000
4. More than 10 acres to less than 20 acres 50,000
5. Above 20 acres 1,00,000

Earnest money shall be 2% (two percent) of the land cost in case of Micro and Small units and 5% (five percent) of the land cost for Medium and Large units, which shall be refundable, adjustable and payable to the investor in the form of online Payment for the relevant amount. Earnest money shall be exempted for the Startups.

Application for land allotment are scrutinized and approved by the Project Clearance Committee (PCC) of  BIADA headed by Managing Director in its meeting held at regular intervals.

Guidelines for Land Allotment