Muzaffarpur Plan Development

Planned Development Muzaffarpur Zone
Name of Industrial Area Agreement Value
(in Lakh)
Name of the project Name of Contractor Date of
Date of Completion as per agreement Physical progress
(In Lakh)
Financial Progress
(In Lakh)
Concerend Junior Engineer Concerned Area In Charge Status of Work Complint if any
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1  I/A Kumarbag. 390.23 Construction of Boundary wall at I/A Kumarbag. NNT Devlopers Pvt Ltd 25.02.2019 24.08.2019 98 190.93 Sri Sanjeev Kumar Singh Prem Prakash Work in Progress Image result for click
2  I/A, Sitamarhi 235.58 Strengthening of PCC Road and Construction of 4 (Nos) Culvert at I/A, Sitamarhi NNT Devlopers Pvt Ltd 08.03.2019 07.09.2019 90 Sri Pramod Mochi Md. Iqbal Work in Progress Image result for click
3 I/A Muzaffarpur. 1275.83 Construction of Leather Goods Factory at I/A Muzaffarpur. 1275.83 03.08.2019 02.08.2020 85 448.22 Sri Sanjeev Kumar Singh Smt Neetu Kumari Work in Progress Image result for click