Industrial Area, Siwan

Unit Status  of Industrial Area Siwan as on July, 2019
Sl. No. Name of Unit Products Date of Allotments Plot No./Shed No. Area In sq.   ft. Present Status Remarks
1 M/s K.K. Industries, Sri Arun Singh, Distt- Siwan Corrugate (Cartoons) boxes  & Sheet 507
D-12,23 10890 Working
2 M/s Narayan Industries,
Prop-Sri Nag Narayan Singh, Babuniya More, Dist-Siwan
Cement 1056
D-13,14,15,20,21,22 21780 Working
3 M/s- Pushkar Cement ,Prop-Nag Narayan singh ,Babuniya More,Distt- siwan Cement 11.01.1978 D-16,17,18,19 21780 Working
4 M/s- Siwan Co-Operative Spinning Mill Suta 1129
E1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,A,B,C,D Type shed
Micro Shed, Open Land

and Internal Road

679536 Cancelled
5 Dept. of Science and Technology, gov. of Bihar Engineering College 02/04/2019 328007 Recently alloted
6.. M/s- Bihar Leather Boad Leather Products   _


and open Land

60984 Closed
7 M/s- Royal  Enterprises H.B.P.E Bagie 511
D-10,11,24 &25(p) 22000 Working