Industrial Area, Sikandarpur

Bihar industrial Area Development Authority
Industrial Area, Sikandarpur            August 2019
Sl No. Name of the Unit Date of Allotment/Transfer Mauja Plot no Area in Sq.ft. Product/ Services Present Status Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Department of Science & Technology, Technology Bhawan, Bailey Road, Patna
Food Park, Sikandarpur
05.03.12 Sikandarpur A-1 5,445,000 NIT Patna Under Construction
2 Development Management Institute, 2nd Floor, Udyog Bhawan, East Gandhi Maidan, Patna-800004.
Food Park Sikandarpur
31.03.17 Sikandarpur A-6 653400 Management College Under construction
3 Department of Information Technology, Old Secretriate, Patna.
Food Park Sikandarpur
11.05.17 Sikandarpur c 1,089,000 IT Park Physical position given. Work not started.
4 Department of Social Welfare
Old Secretriate, Patna
PH – 0612 2234830
31.05.10 Sikanderpur A-4 130,680 Regional Office of NIPCCD  construction  work not started
5 M/s Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)
Govt. of India
Food Park Sikandarpur
16.01.18 Sikandarpur C-2 653400 Tools Room Work not Started
6 M/s Britannia Industries Ltd. 22.10.2018 Sikandarpur B-1 653400 Biscuit Under Construction
7 M/s  Surya Food & Agro Limiyed
Fook Park Sikandarpur
29.12.2018 Sikandarpur B-2 653400 Fruit Based Product, Snack Product & Other Product Physical possession not given.
8 Inspection & Certification Centre, Transport Department, Govt. of Bihar. 11.05.2017 Sikandarpur A-5 130680 Inspection & Certification Centre Physical possession  given.