Industrial Area, Aurangabad

Sl.  No.Name & Address of AllotteDate of AllotmentPlot No.Area ( in Sq.ft )ProductPresent StatusRemarks
1M/s Aarcee Foods, Md Farhat Azam, S/o- Late Abdul Rahman, Vill- Kalaui, Mohalla- Biralpur, PO+Dist.- Aurangabad-82410126/D
5229/D   19.09.11
B-4 shed & B-59600Food Product Bread,Working
2M/s Shri S.K. Food Products, Sri Ashutosh Arora, 77, Lal Quarter, Govind Nagar, Kanpur, U.P.-208006, Mob-093361159675501/D 23.08.12Shed B-7 & B-89600All Types of Namkeen & snacksWorking
3M/s Hari Om Sweets & Namkin Udyog, Sri Jai Mangal Singh, S/o-Late Kamta Singh, Moh-Gandhi Nagar, Pipaddi, Ward No.-33, Aurangabad19.06.13Shed No. –   C-3  & C-45500Sweets Namkin & SonpapryWorking
4M/s Hiramani Godhan Industries, Sri Abhay Chandra Shekhar, S/o-Sri Pasupati nath Singh, Moh- In Front of PHED Colony, Aurangabad19.06.13Shed No.-B-24800Soap ManufacturingWorking
5M/s Subodh Enterprises, Ramchandra Prajapati, Vill-Ora, P.O-Kambehari, P.S.-Muffasil, Distt-Aurangabad-824101, Mob-92638628325680/D 31.08.12 Plot B-1 & B-29600R.C.C. Hume PipeWorking
6D.I.C, Industrial area AurangabadM-1 (P)8400DICWorking
7M/s Nise-Tech-Solutions, Sri Swapnil Mani Kumar, At-Z-47, DSIDC Complex, Outer Ring Road, Mangol Puri, Delhi-110083, Mob-084472705695502/D 23.08.12 B-6 (B Type Shed)4800InverterWorking
8M/s Aashutosh Enterprises, Smt. Mamta Gupta, Sahpur Pokhrapar, Aurangabad23.12.16C-2 Shed2750All Types of Namkeen & snacksUnder ConstructionThe construction is completed. Some Machines have been installed in the Unit. Unit will be in operation soon.
9M/s Priyam Sweets & Namkin Udyog, Sri Birendra Pratap Singh, S/o-Late Nawjadik Singh, At-Dadhapa, P.O+P.S-Amba, Aurangabad-82411119.06.13Plot B-3 & B-49600Sweets, Mixture & SonpapryUnder constructionThe Construction is completed. The Machines are not Established.As per Owner .the Machines are being purchased and will be installed at the site.
10M/s Hariom Bhandar
(Old Name – M/s Ramsewak Traders, )Prop- Sri Sanjay Kumar, Ishlam Toli, Shahganj, Aurangabad.
29.05.17Plot B-54800All Types of Namkeen & snacksUnder constructionThe Construction is completed. The Machines are not Established.Now Some Land Development is being done.
11M/s Aarcee Plasts.Md Farhat Azam, S/o- Late Abdul Rahman, Vill- Kalaui, Mohalla- Biralpur, PO+Dist.- Aurangabad-8241014410/D
dated 16.09.2017
NS-48000PVC PipeUnder construction
12M/s Zaid Enterprises, Name …………W/o – Md Farhat Azam, S/o- Late Abdul Rahman, Vill- Kalaui, Mohalla- Biralpur, PO+Dist.- Aurangabad-8241014411/D
dated 16.09.2017
NS-58000Plastic , PVC moulding, Scab Chips, Dana and Electrical FittingUnder constructionLand Development started.
13M/s Diamond Plastic & Rubber Industries,
Prop.- Md Wakil,
S/O- Shaikh Ishaque,
Ishaque Haveli, Pathan Toli, Aurangabad, Bihar
dated 01.10.2018
NS-115780Plastic Doors, Pipes and Rubber ProductsUnder constructionPhysical Possision is given to the unit.
14M/s Faiyaz Plastic & Fiber Furniture Industry,
Prop.- Md. Faiyaz Khan,
S/O- Md. Nasimuddin Khan,
Islam Toli, Aurangabad, Bihar
dated 22.12.2018
NS-74146Plastic ChairUnder construction
15M/S Prince Engg. Works04.06.2003NS6500Gate Grill, Furniture & Shutter ManufacturingRe-storedThe Units land is Re-stored by Memo No. 6267/L dated 12.12.18
16M/s Devashri Construction (India) Pvt. Ltd., Sri Kaushal Kumar Singh , Nawajudik Sadan, New Area, Aurangabad.6173/D     18.12.07NS -2 (P), NS- 120000Hot Mixture PlantConstruction StoppedBaundary wall are constructed. Some bricks and Sand are availbale at the site. A Notice was issued by BO letter no. 455/IA dated 10.07.18 for not doing anything at the site. The Unis is also informed for Changing the Hot Mix Plant to another Priority Sector Products, Because Hot Mix Plant has been considered as Unregistered Plant/ Products. The Unit has Replied that They have Apllied for the Change of Product. Application under Process.
17M/s Jai Mata Di Enterprises5108/D 07.08.12 B-3 (B Type Shed)4800P.V.C GranuelsConstruction StoppedLand development and Baundary wall are constructed at the site rest contruction are stopped .The Unit has applied for the correction in the Lease Deed to BIADA. Correction is in Process in the office of Registrar, Aurangabad
18M/s Pawansut Cold Storage, Sri Sanjeev Ranjan Kumar Singh, Satyendra Nagar, Aurangabad-824101, Mob-89865756715086/D 06.08.12 A-6, A-7, NS-6 & Part of Road30513Cold StorageConstruction Stopped Some of the Machines are available in the Campus. The Construction of the Cold Storage is in Process.The Baoundary made Land Development are done. A notice was issued by BO letter no. 457/IA dated 10.07.18 for not doing anything at the site. No Reply has been received. Again A Notice ( letter no. 534/IA dated 03.12.18 )has been issued f
19M/S Kriti Rolling Mill, Sri Kaushal Kumar Singh, Vill+Post- Kinda,  Distt- Aurangabad.19.06.05Plot B- 6, 79600Mini Re-rolling MillConstruction StoppedOnly Baundary wall are constructed. The Unit has informed to HQ that he will Apply for the change of the product and PR is being made.After waiting long, A Notice no 560/IA dated 03.01.19 is issued for not doing anything on the land
20M/s Sher Shakti Spices Industries, Prop.- Sayed Aasif Hasan Ali, Nawadih, Aurangabad3308/D-27.07.16C-510000SpicesConstruction StoppedSome Bricks are stored for the construction. A Notice was issued by BO letter no. 460/IA dated 10.07.18 for Slow construction at the site.
21M/a A to Z Plastic Industries, Shri Raju Gupta, Sahpur Pokhrapar, Aurangabad19.06.13Shed No. –   C-9 & C-105500Plastic ItemConstruction StoppedRecently the constituion of the Unit has been changed .
22M/s Maa Mundeshwari Cycle Udyog Pvt. Ltd. (New), Sri Shyam Kishore Prasad, Old Town, Munshi Tola Daudnagar, Aurangabad312/D
27.03.1999, 5181/D 08.08.12 & 7623/D 17.12.12
M-2 (P) & E-11,12,13, F-13,14 & M1 (P) & Road43560 & Add. – 41597 & 29011Bi-Cycle Assembling & ManufacturingClosedAccording to the visit dated 30.08.18 The Unit was not working. According to the last visit dated 05.12.18 the main gate of the unit is Closed.and Again the visit dated 31.01.2019 last visit of 29.03.2019 The Unit seemed Closed. So the unit is Supposed to be Non- working.
23M/s Magadh Chawal Udyog, Sri Pawan Kumar Barjatiya, 37 Swaraj Puri Road, Kashi Nath More, Gaya28.02.83D-2 (P), D-3, 4, 5, D-6, NS-8, 91,08,900       (2.5 Acre)Rice MillClosedThe Unit has been Closed for a long Time. Factory Buliding, Machines etc are still availabale at the campus.A Notice was issued by BO letter no. 458/IA dated 10.07.18 for not doing anything at the site. No reply has been received.  A Notice has been issued by HQ by letter no. 5796/d dated 23.11.18. The Unit has replied dated 01.03.19 .
24M/s Bhagwati Coke India Pvt. Ltd., Sri Shyam Kishore Prasad583/D        29.06.98M-2 (P)43560Soft CokeClosedThe Unit is Regarding Coke. The Matter is in the Court.
25M/s Kisan Tyre Resole Md. Izhar, S/o-Late Md. Rahamtullah, C/o-Kisan Tyre Centre, Madarsa Road, Near Gupta Cinema Hall, Aurangabad-824101, Mob-84092509965082/D 06.08.12 Shed C-1 & C-22825Tyre ResoleClosedThe Unit has been SEALED BY BANK.
26M/s Shiv Shakti Re-rolling Mill, Sri Kaushal Singh, Vill+Post- Kunda, Distt- Aurangabad31.03.87NS-10 (P), D-1 (P), D-2 (P)22000T.M.T.ClosedUnregistered Plant Like Hot Mix etc is being done at the site. A Notice was issued by BO letter no. 456/IA dated 10.07.18 for  doing Un-registered Work at the site. The Unit has replied orally they are planning to change the Product
27M/s Aman Foods Industries., Md. Kalimudin, Pathan Toli, Najdik Jhanda Masjid, Aurangabad.1839/D      26.02.08Shed B -14800Atta, ChokarClosedThe applicant has applied for the Transfer after being winning bid in Bank’s Auction.The Application is in Process due to DRT related work. The Unit’s Present Owner has applied for the Transfer the land to his name. The Application is in Process.
28M/s Pawan Sut Agro Rice Mill, Sri Sanjeev Ranjan Kumar Singh, Satyendra Nagar, Near Block, Aurangabad-824101
Mob.- 9931985782
5228/D   19.09.11C-1, 2, 3, 439000Rice MillClosedThe Unit has been Taken Possession BY Canera Bank. A Notice 492/IA dated 30.08.18 has been issued by BO . No reply has been received.
29M/s Domco Smokeless Pvt. Ltd., Sri Shyam Nandan Prasad31.03.87E/6  to E/10(P),  F/7 to  F/1265340Soft CokeClosedA Notice dated 10.05.18 has been issued by BO to the Unit.
30M/s Aman Coke Plant Pvt. Ltd., Sri Parmeshwar Prasad, Old Town Munshi Tola, Daud Nagar, Dist – Aurangabad621/        28.03.88E-1 to E-5 and   F-1 to F-667500Soft CokeClosedThe Unit is Regarding Coke.TheUnit has Informed the Authority regarding Coal Allotment. They will Start the Unit soon if they gets coal allotment. The Unit has applied for Pollution at BPCB. The Unit has also got Licence regarding product etc.
31M/s Jagdamba Mini Rice Mill, Sri Satish kumar, S/o-Sri Laxman Yadav,Vill-Karma Bigha, P.O-Kunda, Aurangabad28.06.13Shed No.-C-5, 6 & 78250Rice MillCancelledMemo No.-2073/D Dt. 13.03.19
32M/s Kumar Ripening Chamber,
Prop: Sri Ajay Kumar Singh, At- Chetar, PO+PS Gumla, Jharkhand – 835207
07.03.2019Shed C-710000Fruit RipeningNew AllotedMemo No. 1872 dated 07.03.19
Position not taken by the Unit
33M/s Mamta Enterprises,
Prop: Smt. Mamta Gupta,
W/o- Sri Raju Prasad Gupta, Shaw Garrage, Shahpur, Pokhra Road,  Aurangabad – 824101
07.03.2019Shed No.-C-82750Namkeen Bhujia & Mixture, Kurkure, puffNew AllotedMemo No. 1871 dated 07.03.19
Position not taken by the Unit