Govt. Orders

Govt. Orders
Regarding the Policy and Procedure for allotment of land by BIADA in the Industrial Areas under its control. Click Here
4389 Dt. 26.09.2013 Approval by Govt. for Establishment of Private Industrial Area Click Here
16423/20.09.1979 Power to Managing Director, BIADA to cancel the Alloted land / shed Click Here
12178/14.07.1982 Fixation of rate of land /shed in Industrial Areas Click Here
11748/07.07.1982 Transfer of Industrial Plots Click Here
5325/25.06.1993 Guidlines for land / shed Allotment Click Here
12145/12.12.1993 Constitution of commitee for Land allotment Click Here
117/05.03.2003 Reconstitution commitee for land allotment Click Here
235/13.02.2004 Regarding present land rate Click Here
4718/30.10.18 Regarding Fee Fixed for filing of Appeal before the Appellate Authority Click Here
2866/18.07.2005 Revision of Land rate as per Industrial Policy 2003 Click Here
1238/14.10.2009 Grant for integrated Development scheme for Food processing sector Click Here