Empanelment as an Aggregator in BIADA


The following guidelines shall be followed for empanelment of aggregators for the purchase/lease/rent of land through BIADA:
1. The Aggregator should be a Registered Company/ Partnership Firm/ Proprietorship in India registered under Company Act 1956/Partnership Act 1932, Where ever applicable and should have been in operation for a period of at least 3 years as on 31.03.2019. The Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Commencement of Business issued by the Competent Authority, The Memorandum and Articles of Association/a copy of Deed of Partnership (if partnership firm) are to be provided at the time of making an application.

2. The Aggregator shall be registered with the RERA either in the state where it is its R.O or in Bihar before carrying out the work of the Authority.

3. The Aggregator should be in this line of activity and should have executed similar projects in at least three organizations in India during last three years. The services offered should be currently running successfully in at least one Government Organization in India.

4. The Aggregator should have minimum annual turnover of Rs. 40 lakh per year from the related business in the last three financial years as per audited balance sheet or Income Tax Return. If the audit of 2018-19 is not yet complete, then the provisional balance sheet for the year 2018-19 should be submitted duly signed by Chartered Accountant & CEO/CFO of the Aggregator.

5. The Aggregator should be able to cope with the responsibility to produce all the land owners within an appointed time frame to execute the sale deed.

6. The Aggregator should have a support office/ representative in the State of Bihar to provide support to the land owners and the Authority whenever required.

7. The facilitation charges shall be paid to the aggregator as per BIADA’s Policy and after the completion of registration, mutation and delivery of possession.

8. The Aggregator shall be required to register itself at our online portal i.e. www.biadabihar.in. and shall deposit a registration fees of Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand Only) at the time of applying for registration. The application if accepted by BIADA shall be valid for a period of 3 years from the date of Registration subject to yearly renewal on payment Rs. 5000/- (Five Thousand Only). Fresh application for registration will be made after the lapse of 3 years.

9. The Aggregator should be able to present land options to BIADA for a minimum area of 60 acres.

10. The application should be made in the format prescribed by the authority.

11. BIADA reserves the right to make any future changes or amendments in the Aggregator Empanelment guidelines without prior notice.

Aggregator Empanelment Registration Form Format