Board of Directors

It is constituted under the statutory provision of section 3 (3) (i) of BIADA Act, 1974.


Designation Name Contacts Email


Sri Sandeep Poundrik,  I.A.S.  Principal Secretary Deptt. of Industries, Govt of Bihar Tel:  0612-2215211, Fax: 0612- 2217991 [email protected]
Managing Director Sri Sandeep Poundrik, I.A.S.
Managing Director, BIADA
Tel: 0612-2675002 [email protected]
Member Director of  Industries Department of Industries, Govt of Bihar

(Sri Pankaj Dixit,I.A.S.)

Tel: 0612-2235812, Fax: 0612-2215206 [email protected]
Member Internal Financial Advisor, Department of Industries, Govt of Bihar

(Sri Rajiv Ranjan Prasad)

[email protected]
Member Chief  General Manager, SBI, Patna Tel: 0612-2209001 [email protected]
Member General Manager (L.P.G.), Regional Office, HPCL, Patna Tel: 0612-2234754
Member President, Bihar Industries Association, Patna Mob: +91 9771499966, Fax: 0612-2226642 [email protected]