BIADA Orders

BIADA Orders
Office Order-3714/Est, Date:- 12/09/2022Click Here
Office Order-2335/D, Date:- 06/06/2022 regarding extension of lease period feeClick Here
Office Order-1483,Dated:-20/04/2022 regarding Amendment in provision of clause-6 of BIADA Land Allotment Policy.2021Click Here
Office Order-1484,Dated:-20/04/2022 regarding Amendment in provision of clause-14 of BIADA Land Allotment Policy.2021Click Here
Office Order-1482,Dated:-20/04/2022 regarding Amnesty in  terms of order of the Hon’ble High Court for closed/non-functional units and Repeal of BIADA Amnesty Policy.2021(Memo No-3969 dt.-02/12/2021Click Here
Office Order-1307, Date:- 08/04/2022 regarding amendment in product changeClick Here
Office Orde-1306, Date:- 08/04/2022 regarding amendment in lease deedClick Here
Office Orde-1188, Date:- 08/04/2021Click Here
Office Order-1006, Date:- 25/03/2021Click Here
Office Orde-928/D, Date:- 18/03/2021Click Here
3878/ Dt: 23.12.2020 order regarding NOC for Ground WaterClick Here
1397/ Dt: 26.02.2019 order regarding extend for OTS Policy 2019Click Here
6659/D Dt: 29.12.2018 order regarding role responsibility of DO & ADOClick Here
6660/D Dt: 29.12.2018 order regarding role responsibility of Area InchargeClick Here
5882/D Dt: 27.11.2018 order regarding Allotment Surrender Facilitation PolicyClick Here
5885/D Dt: 27.11.2018 order regarding EXIT PolicyClick Here
5856 Dt: 26.11.2018 order regarding classification of Industrial AreasClick Here
5857 Dt: 26.11.2018 order regarding various permissionClick Here
5667 Dt: 12.11.2018 order regarding Leave & License PolicyClick Here
5397 Dt: 30.10.2018 order regarding Inspection of Industrial unitClick Here
5325/L Dt: 26.10.2018 order regarding BIADA Survey Form, Online Annual Return FormClick Here
5324/L Dt: 26.102018 order regarding Industrial Area Management Committee (IAMC) PolicyClick Here
4163/D Dt. 28.07.2018 order regarding Change of Product & SharesClick Here

Click Here
4241/D Dt. 11.09.2017 order regarding Land AllotmentClick Here
3291/D Dt. 14.07.2017 order regarding subleaseClick Here
2382/H Dt. 08.05.2017 Financial Purchase RuleClick Here
1846/D Dt. 20.03.2017 Payment order fro Exit PlotsClick Here
1847/D Dt. 20.03.2017 Equality of lease periodClick Here
1085 Dt.23.02.2017 order internal complaints committeeClick Here
2793/D Dt. 21.06.2016 Order regarding Payment PlanClick Here
4017/D Dt. 27.08.2015 Order regarding Revised Land Rates of BIADAClick Here
4018/D Dt. 27.08.2015 Order regarding Revised Interest Rate applicable on InstalmentClick Here
4022/D Dt. 27.08.2015 Order regarding Land Allotment as per Framework of EASE OF DOING BUSINESS under Central Govt. Policy – MAKE IN INDIAClick Here
4023/D Dt. 27.08.2015 Order regarding establishment of Units under Common Logistical FacilityClick Here
5517 Dt. 17.09.2014 Order regarding clarification of OTSClick Here
5516 Dt. 17.09.2014 Order regarding Payment Plan as per revised Land RatesClick Here
3309 Dt. 24.06.2014 Order regarding One Time Settlement (OTS)Click Here
3195 Dt. 19.06.2014 Order regarding execution of Lease Deed with Industrial UnitsClick Here
3194 Dt. 19.06.2014 Order regarding implementation of Land Alltoment PolicyClick Here
3193 Dt. 19.06.2014 Order regarding Revised Rate of Land at BIADAClick Here
5640/D dt: 03.08.2013 order regarding clarification and modification of the previous office order memo no: 1547/D dt: 30.05.2007Click Here
3170/D dt. 17.05.13 Order regarding allotment of plots and change of projects at Patliputra Industrial AreaClick Here
3171/D dt. 17.05.13 Order regarding repairing and lease rent of sheds in industrial areasClick Here
3172/D dt. 17.05.13 Order regarding transfer of production units to service unitsClick Here
7839/D dt: 24.12.12 order regarding Time frame of aplication for subsidyClick Here
7289/E dt: 05.12.12 Order regarding TenderClick Here
907/D dt: 10.02.2012 Order regarding Map Approval for Industrial unitsClick Here
835/D dt: 07/02/2012 Modification of Clause (6)C in Lease DeedClick Here
31/19.07.2003 Constitution of Project Clearance Committee (PCC)Click Here
774/25.04.2007 Order to Filing-up Memorandum (Temporary & Permanent)Click Here
1547/30.05.2007 Policy Decision to Change of Share Holding of Allottee/FirmClick Here
2516/16.07.2007 Rate of the Land nearby Industrial Area/Estate/Growth CentreClick Here
2823/28.07.2007 Regarding Maintenance Charge of Industrial Area/Estate/Growth CentreClick Here
319/08.12.2007 Land allotment in Industrial Areas/ Estate for amenities etc, as included in Section 3 of the BIADA Act 1974Click Here
19.07.2010 Requirements before Execution of Lease-DeedClick Here
8025/21.12.2010 Regarding VAT Eligibility CertificateClick Here
437/03.02.2011 Regarding Cancellation of Lease DeedClick Here
5688/13.10.2011 Regarding Enhancement of Application Fee for Small, Medium & Large IndustriesClick Here