Activity eligible for Land Allotment

Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016

5.2.1. Allotment of vacant industrial land for priority sector projects

During the policy period, BIADA would strive to allot all the available vacant land (around 182 acres) at the various industrial areas to the prospective and eligible projects. In this regard the meeting of ―Project Clearance Committee of BIADA‖ will be convened in a time bound manner. These vacant lands shall be allotted to the manufacturing units. The Government would also put efforts to facilitate the allotment of lands in the industrial parks to manufacturing units.

5.2.2. Establishment of new industrial areas and expansion of existing industrial areas by BIADA

(a) BIADA would strive to develop new industrial areas as well as expand existing industrial areas across the various districts of the state. It is envisaged that a total of 5000 acres of land would be acquired and developed by BIADA over the next 3 to 5 years/ during the policy period. For this, government land from the land bank would be alienated and transferred to BIADA. Appropriate budget provisions would be  made for the development of the new industrial areas. BIADA would develop the land suitable for industrial manufacturing units and notify the final rates at which the land would be available to industrial units.

(b) As a policy decision, lands in industrial area controlled by BIADA shall be used only for the allotment to the manufacturing units. BIADA has notified the objective criteria for the allotment of land in the industrial areas. It has also issued a notification for earmarking industrial areas on the basis of criteria like type of industries and pollution level. The State Government may notify from time to time the kind of industry that can be allotted land in the industrial area controlled by BIADA.

(c) As a policy decision, 25% of the land in a newly established industrial area by BIADA would be allotted to the MSME units. Out of these 25% allotted to MSME units, 75% will be for Micro & Small enterprises and 25% will be for Medium enterprises.